Addiction is one of the most prevalent societal problems in the US. Around 60.2% of Americans were expected to have abused drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in the last thirty days. According to a report from 2019, approximately 15 million people in the US had alcohol abuse disorder.


Addiction and substance abuse tears families apart. There are various treatments available like cognitive behavioral therapy, medically-assisted detoxification, counseling, and contingency management to help addicts recover from their addiction. 


Hypnotherapy is also an effective method that helps people break their habits healthily. Here are some ways hypnotherapy proves to be effective for addiction. 

Accessing Locked Memories

There’s a reason why people move toward escapism. There could be a stressful period in their life, or they became a part of the wrong company. People could decide they don’t want to continue smoking or drinking alcohol, but a crisis could occur, making them rebound. 


Hypnotherapy allows patients to delve into their memories to figure out what happened and why. By tapping into these memories, the hypnotherapist will identify why the patient is falling into their old habits.


This could help patients identify and overcome the underlying problem and ultimately help them win the battle against addiction.

Strengthens Willpower 

Hypnotherapy involves the patient trusting the hypnotherapist’s suggestions and treatment. The idea behind these suggestions is to persuade patients not to fall back on their old habits. 


Hypnotherapy is known to be more effective than placebos, and patients feel these effects in real life. This means patients are likely to have stomach ache when they drink alcohol after their hypnotherapist gives them suggestions. This enables patients to beat their cravings and minimize alcohol abuse. 

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Identifies the Underlying Cause

The hypnotherapist delves into the memories of the patients and figures out how they started to abuse substances.


They help the patients understand their triggers and provide safe alternatives to stop them from relapsing. It also allows patients to overcome their traumas and give them closure. 


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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI