The level of service at Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples is fantastic. Having gotten a number of Sessions from Mr. Peter Williams, I am consistently impressed by the level of professionalism I have received each and every time I go in. I would not hesitate to recommend Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples to anyone.

Thank you!

Bryan S.
I am very lucky I found Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples on the internet after struggling with stress, and anxiety for a long time and a feeling that people just didn’t like me. My life is different now.

They helped me change my perception, how I perceive myself and others, and events in my life differently. Now, I enjoy my job, my co-workers, my family, and my life. Thank you!

Heather T.
Thank you so much for everything! I can’t believe I have my life back.

I have suffered from menopausal symptoms for over two years and after only four sessions with you, I am now able to control my hot and cold flashes, irritability, anxiety, along with other symptoms I had been experiencing.

You are a Godsend, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Erin M.
I am very lucky I found you on the internet after struggling with stress, and anxiety for a long time and a feeling that people just didn’t like me.

My life is different now, you helped me change how I would normally perceive things. Now I perceive myself and others, and events in my life differently. I now enjoy my job, my co-workers, my family, and my life.

Thank you!

Heather T.
I didn’t expect to be helped by hypnotherapy as I did. Peter Williams was excellent in assisting me in achieving my goal of losing weight. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend Peter Williams to anyone needing a qualified and caring hypnotherapist. He is absolutely the best!
Hypnosis for me turned out to be very effective. I have completely quit smoking, and really can’t remember ever wanting to smoke. Even think about it, the smell, the look, everything seems foreign to me now. Losing weight was not an intention, but since I quit I have lost 20 pounds and have not done anything.

Peter Williams is Phenomenal!!

Tim B.
So far the sessions have helped me learn how to reduce my chronic pain. Mr. Williams Taught me different ways to control my stress, anger, and depression. I have very much enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions and think it has been very beneficial for all the different issues I was experiencing Thank you so much.

After the age of about 38, I found my weight slowly increasing, each year adding approximately 5-10 lbs. I tried numerous weight loss programs which in some cases did not work at all and in the case where I did lose, I would quickly regain it once off the program. At 49lbs over my normal weight, I relocating to Naples and heard about Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples and decided to give hypnosis a try.

Now through the guidance of Peter Williams, I have reached my goal, losing 55lbs in total. Peter’s program is not a diet, but somehow, he guides you in how to change your relationship with food. If you are struggling with your weight, I urge you to give them a call.

Clarence G.
Peter is a real professional, takes time to give you real help where help is needed. Compassionate, God-fearing person ready to help you.
Joe Birle
Peter does exactly what he claims to be able to do. Wonderful experience with a caring professional. I think he could help anyone.
Sandy Gould
My visit to Peter was mainly for anger, & stress issues, God heals, he also uses people to heal. Peter is a compassionate, God-fearing, man, ready to help where there is a need. He gave me the Gift of Time, who does that in this day? My first visit was fruitful, he gave me Tools to deal with the issues that are in my life, that are causing me a great deal of sadness and distress. He helped to rebuild my faith, in God and man. After one session with Peter,

I have come to realize that there is hope for the problems that I had prayed about. He overcame the myths surrounding Hypnotherapy, he is extremely knowledgeable & sensitive to me as a person and my belief system.

He did not attempt to change that but used what I have to show me the correct, Godly path. As a person I TRUST him! He is looking to bring out my Best in this journey called Life. I now have faith that I will recover.

If one person can help another achieve his God-given destiny, he has accomplished what our lives are to reflect. The Love of Jesus. I pray that God sends the people he wants to bless abundantly to Peter.

I thank God he has chosen me to be one of them.

D. Zynel

Peter Williams has been a miracle worker in my life. His wisdom, advice, and his amazing hypnotherapy have changed my life in a very positive way forever. Using hypnotherapy as a tool, Peter provided a pathway which allowed me to understand and apply the principles of true forgiveness in my life. Because of his skilled work, I no longer am in bondage to the anger and hatred created from an abusive childhood. Now, I am free from the demons of hatred and anger that controlled and limited my life for so many years. My life is no longer hampered by unhealthy unforgiving, hatred, and anger.

Hypnotherapy taught me how to move past my troubled past. Hypnotherapy is allowing me to live a life full of hope, happiness, and inner peace. Thank you Peter Williams, for rescuing me. Thank you for showing me how to live a full, happy, positive life.

Jeff C.
What a fantastic experience! Peter has a lot of knowledge and expertise, I learned a lot in the process. He helped me understand what I needed, so I have a clear vision of what we could accomplish. It was always a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Definitely achieved a deep state of “hypnosis”. Many times he actually went a while over my allotted time to make sure I got the most from the sessions. A therapist like this is very hard to find. I would recommend him to anyone.
Emilio M.
I have been battling insomnia for the longest time. With Peter’s help and individualized relaxation recording for me, I am now able to sleep with no medications. Thank you so much!
I am very pleased with the results I am having with Peter. I have struggled for many years with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Each has been at an extreme level. I have tried about every imaginable remedy, with the exception of voodoo, to overcome these maladies without relief. Since working with Peter I have had significant improvements with my sleep(now actually getting REM sleep) and my anxiety has greatly lessened. I was very skeptical at first but after I was able to be more open-minded and have a little trust in the process, I’m finally finding relief. It is amazing.
Alan Storey
I can’t say enough good things about Peter and his staff. I am having success conquering my issue which has plagued me for YEARS! I think his work is outstanding. He can help anyone who wants to lose weight, quit smoking, insomnia, anxiety drug addiction and much more. I have never seen anything like it. But be prepared to do some homework. This is not a magic pill, but his techniques for conquering whatever is holding you back is rooted in science and you will get results.
Rosie Johnson

Peter and Dulce at Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples are amazing. I was very skeptical at first. However, they have really helped me with my anxiety. I was very impressed. I highly recommend them.

Sal Blasi, GCTV Network
I came into the office as a skeptic, but I was desperate. I was having claustrophobia issues and anger problems that were affecting my work (anger because of the claustrophobia) Working with Peter was a relaxing and therapeutic journey.

Starting small, the power of suggestion in the hypnotic state builds with each visit. Within a few visits the anxiety I would get in cramped tight spaces became less and less, this also decreased the anger issue. With the help of Pete and his staff, I was able to almost completely rid myself of my phobia and now have no anxiety getting into an elevator or crawlspace/attic. (I actually sleep better at night now as an added bonus) The process is painless and comfortable.

I hope I never need to see a hypnotherapist again, but if I do, I would go back to Advanced Hypnotherapy in a heartbeat. I recommend this service to anyone looking for help with issues of the mind.

Thomas Gallagher
Outstanding results! I’ve had severe anxiety for years. Thanks to Hypnotherapist Peter Williams, I’m a new person! I now have the self-confidence I’ve been searching for and free of the debilitating effects of a panic attack, anxiety, and fears. I highly recommend Peter Williams of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples! Thanks!
Through your Hypnotherapy Sessions, my golf has improved so much. Now while I’m on the course, I am focused, clear-headed, confident and relaxed. I am now at the next level in my game. I recommend Hypnotherapy to everyone who wants to improve their lives and careers, and I recommend Peter Williams without hesitation.
Alexander Powers
I am your #1 FAN! Coz I guess I’m one of your first clients through magic jack. I was going through a lot and you helped me, you really did! I still practice all the techniques you went through with me…I believe the mind controls the body… the mind is the head…that’s why it is there. People with a positive mindset, are the ones who are truly happy and at peace. Thanks so much! You are God’s instrument, please keep it going… God bless you always.
Maria Della Karran Bohol
I have considered myself a person that only believes in tangible things. Before my sessions with you, I considered Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy to be wishful thinking or prayers which would never be answered.

You have made me a believer. I don’t have to suffer from Migraines for days anymore. The sensitivity to light and sound is gone, I can now simply, turn it off! Your motto “The Power is Yours” is really true.

You’re the best, Thank you.

Amy R.
For a very long time my visits were once a week to different doctors with complaints from my head to my feet. Some of the symptoms I was experiencing were Stress, Headaches, Heart Palpitations, Stomach aches, Hot flashes, sadness and difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

I then made an appointment to go to “Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples” and consulted with Peter Williams. After a few visits I was sleeping better, I was not having the panic attacks and heart Palpitations, I found I was feeling not so sad anymore and my stomach was feeling a lot better. Although there are still things that I’m working on, I have not visited a doctor since August 2010 and I’m feeling great.

I invite anyone experiencing symptoms that Traditional Medicine does not seem to be helping, call Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples and go see Mr. Peter Williams Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist he will be able to help you, Just as he helped me.

Leoney N.
When I had a major relationship fall out earlier this year Peter was able to help me tap into that subconscious which was where/why things hurt more than they needed to.

Peter helped me find my inner strength and my power from all parts of my mind. He taught me that it is mind over matter and that the mind is a very powerful tool, to be used wisely. I have gained a better understanding of my blocks as well as my strengths.

Peter, although I am in the business of helping people too (in a different way!) your therapy & approach has helped me gain a more realistic perspective & gave my subconscious the right messages!! I am happy to inform people how wonderful my hypnotherapy experience was. Thank you!!

For those of you who haven’t tried hypnotherapy or are skeptical, take him up on the free consultation! I’m sure he will gladly answer any questions you might have. I have had great results and learned a lot in the process! Totally worth trying, Peter is great!

Kristen Weardon
Excellent! Mr. Williams is an experienced and gifted healing professional. I recommend all of Naples for pain stress, overall well being.
Dorothy Demichele
I was very skeptical at first, but it didn’t take long for Peter to make a believer out of me. I am only a few sessions in, but Peter has already helped me to make positive changes that I have been struggling to make for years. I would highly recommend Clinical Hypnotherapist, Peter Williams!
Victoria S.
Peter Williams, owner and founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy, has changed my life forever!! If I had not found Peter when I did, I am not sure where I would be today (3 months later), or if I’d be. This incredible man saved not only my marriage but my life too!! He has and will continue to play such a huge influence on my life. Peter has taught me how to re-think the habits of my old brain. With the tools and disciplines, he has taught me, my life and attitude has changed 150% for the better. I now look at each day as a wonderful experience. I now control my mind vs my mind controlling me. I am now, FINALLY, in control of my emotional, cognitive and behavioral perceptions and reactions!! Thank you so much Peter!! I miss you so much since we moved back to SC.
Vicki W.
Peter Williams is amazing!!! I am surprised I have not heard of this place before Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples. I had an incredible experience and will most definitely recommend everyone to try it even if they do not believe in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The consultation was very informative and opened my eyes to a lot of things!!! Excellent services!! Thank you Peter.
C. Ortiz
After only a few sessions with Peter Williams of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples, I already feel more relaxed. The atmosphere and Peter’s calming voice make you feel safe. With Peter’s guidance, I am on my way to taking control of my anxiety. I highly recommend you contact Peter if you are struggling with something.
Peter is a very skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. His office is very relaxing. He has helped me overcome anxiety due to health issues. I am calmer and encouraged. I highly recommend his Hypnotherapy treatment to everyone.
May Storey

I will be forever grateful for Peter’s help and dedication to me as a client. In the midst of dealing with some major issues, I turned to hypnotherapy. I am so glad I did!

I didn’t realize the capabilities of hypnotherapy until Peter took the time to walk me through it and open my eyes to see how much power we hold within our subconscious mind. I felt like I was at the end of my rope and was feeling like I had no control or potential to improve. After leaving the first session I felt so much more at ease and in control of my life. I felt I had a much more positive and productive mindset, and the ability to see myself as someone with great potential and character. To be able to say that about myself while going through an extremely stressful and uncertain situation speaks VOLUMES to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and Peter as a hypnotherapist.

Peter is very real and honest with me as a client (while remaining extremely approachable and empathetic). It is a great feeling to have someone to trust that is 100% focused on helping you succeed and overcome obstacles. I feel more equipped to handle change and have the confidence to know that everything will be okay and I will succeed in life one way or another.

Hypnotherapy has taught me that emotional trauma and experiences do not have to permanently affect me in a negative way. I’ve gone from accepting the impact of my trauma to facing it head-on, determined to overcome it and develop into the person I was meant to be. What started out as a plea for last-minute help with one issue has turned into an ongoing improvement of myself as a whole. I learn more about myself each time I have a session, and will be forever grateful for Peter and his unmatched commitment and dedication to his clients. If you are struggling with anything, and I mean anything, give hypnotherapy with Peter a try. You’ll be amazed at how helpful and impactful it will be. Thank you!!!!

Bridgette Hillis