Being able to fall asleep peacefully at night is a blessing that we all need and deserve! However, if you’re an insomniac and haven’t been able to catch up on sleep, a good session of hypnosis can help you.


What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state in which an individual is very intensely concentrated on a specific idea, during which the brain activity changes. This is a trance-like state in which your peripheral awareness decreases, but you’re still conscious of your existence. During the state of hypnosis, you become a lot more receptive and responsive to new ideas and can reimagine existing situations from a fresher perspective. It’s like mind-body medicine that assists with behavior change and can positively impact how you think and feel.


What is sleep hypnosis?


Sleep hypnosis is a much more specific area of study that helps address sleeping problems. This practice aims to help the individual sleep better at night without letting them fall asleep during the hypnosis session. The aim is to help the individual completely eliminate any negative thoughts that keep them from sleeping peacefully. For this purpose, the hypnosis practitioner may also combine the treatment with CBT for insomnia and counseling. The counseling involves ways to improve your sleep-routine, hygiene, and other factors. 


Is this the same as mind control?


Even if a good hypnosis session is helping you sleep better at night, it doesn’t mean that it gives the practitioner control of your mind. Even during the session, you’re free to give in your suggestions, opt out of the session, or choose to remain focused. You’re completely awake and are never fully under the influence of the hypnotist. The representation of hypnosis that you see on the television or stage shows isn’t how it happens in medicine. 


Sleep hypnosis for insomnia starts with informed consent. The hypnotists will explain the process, so you know what to expect. The visualizing imagery is very calming and facilitates an elevated level of focus. Once the individual is focused enough and is in a trance-like situation, the hypnotist also offers further instructions and therapeutic suggestions. The hypnotist will also guide you into the reawakening.


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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI