As we continue to spend our days inside during the lockdown, many women, people from minority groups, and people with preexisting health conditions are experiencing exacerbated symptoms of fear and anxiety. 

Moreover, many small businesses are struggling to keep up with lower demand, whereas people who work in essential businesses are working longer hours under more pressure. We’re all dealing with drastic changes to our everyday routine. Some people even find themselves isolated from friends and family. 

All of this can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It can make you susceptible to chronic stress and impacts your body in many other ways. Experts indicate that the pandemic will have a long term impact on our mental health, well after it’s passed

Here are some ways to take care of yourself and your mental health during these trying times. 


Stay connected to close loved ones 

Practicing social distancing can be a challenge for outgoing people, but you can still catch up with friends while staying safe.  

Connect over social media and set up virtual hangouts. FaceTime to catch up with a cup of tea or host a virtual dinner. Whatever the medium, make sure you’re spending quality time with those you care about and check up on them from time to time. 

Get plenty of rest and sleep well 

Getting enough sleep at night is imperative if you want to stay in a positive mood. Irregular sleep patterns or a lack of sleep can make you irritable, and makes it challenging to focus on other aspects of your life. 

Prioritize physical fitness

Taking care of your body will help you keep your mental health in check as well. Establishing a routine will keep you engaged and busy, so you can focus on positive thoughts. An exercise regimen will also help you fight off stress hormones and will help you work toward goals outside of work. 

It’s very possible that you may be doing all of the above, but are still experiencing the symptoms of anxiety. You should know that while this is normal, we understand that it can also be overwhelming. In this case, you should consult a mental health professional and get in touch with your therapist to seek treatment at your earliest convenience. 


At Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples, we encourage you not to delay seeking treatment and therapy for anxiety. The physical effects of anxiety can render a person incapable of performing everyday tasks, and seriously alter quality of life. We also offer treatments for insomnia, migraines, sleep disorders, and more. 

Get in touch to book an appointment with us in Naples, FL today! 


Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI