A lot of people like to unwind with a little drink, or enjoy a couple of glasses of wine over dinner, or while hanging out with friends. 


It’s when the drinking becomes constant, unchecked, uncontrolled, and excessive that it’s a problem. Alcohol addiction can sneak up on you, especially if you fall into the habit of using it to cope with stress, depression, or anything else you’re experiencing. 14.4 million adults aged 18 and older have Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and struggle with addiction. It can be scary. But it’s important that you work on breaking out of it.


When does drinking become a problem? 

Nothing good ever comes out of doing things in excess; the same applies to alcohol. Addiction is more than just having one too many drinks on the occasional night out. It’s a dependence on alcohol in its various forms and associated with compulsive and uncontrolled behaviour that takes a toll on your personal, professional, social lives, as well as your emotional, mental, and physical health.


Alcoholism, like any other addiction, can be triggered in response to a wide range of events, occurrences, and factors. It can form out of habitual binge drinking and excessive consumption through socializing or as a way to cope with loneliness, grief, depression, or as a mechanism to handle other stresses and past trauma, including a history of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional). 


It’s not something that happens overnight, and it doesn’t have a quick fix, either. Alcohol addiction has complex biological triggers and biochemical changes in the body that lead to prolonged, unfettered dependence, and addiction. It makes it impossible—or incredibly difficult—to stop on your own as a result of these physiological changes.

A woman struggles with addiction, using alcohol to cope with the challenges in life.

How does alcohol addiction harm you and your loved ones?

The effects of alcohol, when consumed in moderate amounts, are usually not long-lasting, but addiction can permanently alter your physical and mental state. Not only does it become nearly impossible to cope without it, but your body also goes into withdrawals and begins to degenerate.


Alcohol affects every major organ in your body, from your liver to your heart and brain, triggers depression and anxiety,  and much more. It leaves your body weakened and prone to a range of health problems, both short- and long-term.


It also impacts your relationships, leading to a cycle of emotional and personal neglect, absence, unavailability, and abuse. It can be difficult for families of those suffering from alcoholism to remain with them because of the danger it poses to them too. Being unable to stop or control your actions, behaviors, and words contributes to fights, tension, and suffering, including instability in the workplace and more.


Alcohol addiction has a lot of long-term implications for those around you, and it might be impossible to recover or repair that damage.


Where can you seek help for it?

It’s crucial that we address the cause at the root rather than mask it with medication and isolation. At Advanced Hypnotherapy Naples, we work holistically to treat this problem. Our alcohol addiction therapy uses advanced techniques, rigorous methods, and intensive care to help you address underlying causes, triggers, and subconscious needs, before getting to the changes. The corrective therapy has long-lasting results and can help you get back your life. 


For alcohol treatment in Naples, contact us, and we’ll help and support you


Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI