Depression is a sneaky yet dangerous mental illness. It convinces you of things that are not really true and tells you that you are entirely alone, even when you’re not. The signs of depression are also subtle, pervasive, and suffocating—but the truth is that depression doesn’t just affect one person.


It affects you and your relationships with those around you. Here are some of the ways depression takes over your life:


Depression makes you feel lonely and unwanted

One of the biggest lies that depression convinces you of is that you’re alone. Even when you’re surrounded by people who love you, care for you, and support you, depression will make you feel lonely and cause you to withdraw. It’s one of those chicken and egg situations that inevitably take a toll on your relationships—are you avoiding people because you’re depressed, or are you depressed because you don’t see your loved ones enough?


Low mood may leave you irritable and uninterested

It’s hard to stay consistent and interested in different activities when you’re battling depression, and so, even when you’re out and about socializing with others, it can be difficult to stay engaged. In fact, people having a good time, being high energy, and feeling excited may leave you feeling more drained than before.

A couple silently sits in a room, with the man standing in a corner smoking, and the woman looks angry and upset at the table.


Relationships and sex lives suffer due to low libido

Sex is the backbone of healthy romantic relationships, and suddenly becoming uninterested in sex due to your low libido can make things turn for the worse. Depression can lower your sex drive and makes you less interested in activities that once brought you joy and pleasure, leaving you in the lurch. Lack of sex and sexual chemistry, in general, can put a dent in your relationship, especially if it’s persistent and ongoing. It’s important to address what may be causing the lack of drive, apart from depression too, and how you can work your way up.


Depression will convince you that you are entirely alone or that your struggles are unique to you. It tells you that nobody cares or understands and that you can’t find help in those you love.


However, this is far from true, and you are deserving of love, care, and support. You should look into seeking help from a professional who will be able to address the cause and work with you to improve your personal relationships.


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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI