Severe anxiety can lead to nervous breakdowns; they’re debilitating, disruptive, and dangerous. The effects are as serious and overwhelming as an urban center that’s gripped by a city-wide power outage. In the same way that life stops for those long, strenuous hours, your body endures breathlessness and a throbbing ache during an anxiety attack

It leaves you dysfunctional, and you can’t perform social interactions, let alone be mentally present at work or in group situations. Naturally, that compromises your career and strains your relationship if it keeps happening over an extended period. .

Warnings From Work 

If you have a high-pressure job, it won’t allow you to take extended breaks or days off when you’re not feeling well enough to perform at full capacity. Mental health is often not counted as a valid medical condition. It often doesn’t have visible symptoms and no clear way of measuring its intensity. 

This results in you pushing out work even when you’re at your lowest and puts you at risk of collapsing under pressure. If you continue to work, you’ll mess up the projects you’re working on and get a harsh warning from your boss on top of facing the consequences of neglecting your mental health. 

Weak Personal Relationships 

As much as you want to, you can’t schedule your bad days to suit your social commitments. Mental health problems knock on your door at the worst of moments. It could be your wedding day right before you’re supposed to walk up to the altar, at the birth of your first child, or your first anniversary. 

Not to mention, your unavailability at such occasions makes a statement about your disinterest in relationships, and people assume you don’t care; even if that’s far from reality. But guess who doesn’t get the chance to explain their situation or defend their case? The one suffering. 

A black and white photo of a woman under stress.

Physical Appearance 

The guilt of enduring all these setbacks is enough to trigger the fall of a house of cards. There’s only so much a person can endure. An unstable mental condition, the emotional trauma of failing repeatedly, a career at risk, and an ailing marriage are just some of the major setbacks. 

And the physical symptoms of stress-related weakness don’t help either. Hair fall, loss or gain in body weight, dark circles, breakouts, and sore eyes all show up. 


If you’re experiencing anxiety, there’s no time to lose. You need anxiety treatment in Naples through hypnotherapy as soon as you notice these symptoms. Your life, love, and all the things you hold dear mean a lot to us. 

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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI