You’re probably aware of hypnotherapy. However, mindful hypnotherapy is a more advanced practice that helps you manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This is a more extensive process that’s often used as a complementary practice to cognitive therapy. 

How does hypnotherapy help?


As per research, guided hypnotherapy brings about a number of positive changes in the brain and results in focused attention, a diminished feeling of self-consciousness, and greater emotional control. It puts you in a relaxed state, which is a lot similar to meditating. By using targeted techniques like hypno-projectives, you can also revisualize the past events of your life in a different context. This helps you address your phobias, anxieties, past regrets, and troubles. If you were ever scared of flying, a hypnotic induction could help you revisit the sensation and imaging feeling calm and peaceful on a flight.


What does the research indicate?


A recent study involved 42 respondents that were predominantly college students who reported some levels of stress. Half of the group was subject to mindful hypnotherapy, whereas the remaining half were given 1-hour hypnosis sessions for around eight weeks. During the same duration, they were also subject to 20-minute self-hypnosis audios that helped them keep up with the practice. When the session duration came to an end, the individuals reported a significant reduction in their distress levels. At the same time, they rated the activity and their satisfaction levels at 8.9 out of 10.  On the other hand, the control group reported no changes in their condition. 

The four steps 


They’re essentially four steps that you need to follow to de-stress yourself.


The first step is motivation. Even if there is another expert helping you with the process, it all starts with self-acknowledgment. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge that you need some sort of help to take the worries off your mind. 


The second step is relaxation. None of the de-stressing efforts will bear fruit if you aren’t fully relaxed during the process. Eliminate all sorts of distractions to maximize attention. 


Coming to the third step, try and concentrate on what you’re being told to do. Get your mind to focus on it.


The last step is directing. Get your inner energy to focus on a particular goal. You need to work on directing your concentration on acquiring the desired result.


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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI