Protecting Your Mental Health During the Lockdown

Even though Florida has decided to open up again, residents are advised to continue practicing social distancing, which involves staying home as much as possible and only going out when needed. 

Staying home shouldn’t be so difficult, right? But these days, people all over the globe miss being able to step out of the house, socializing, and enjoying the outdoors. 

Living in isolation isn’t normal for humans; we’re social beings who need the company of others. Add to that the uncertainty and fear that comes with a pandemic, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a mental breakdown. 

Experts all over the world have been warning the public of declining mental health as we struggle with fears of getting ill, economic uncertainty, and loneliness.  

So how are we supposed to look after our mental health during a lockdown?

Check out these tips on caring for your mind during the current crisis:

Stay Away From the News

It’s good to stay up-to-date with current events, but watching the news excessively is horrible for your mental health. 

That’s why you need to limit news time, and be wary of what you read and watch. Unfortunately, in the era of the internet, there’s way too much false information floating around that can worsen your anxiety, so it’s best to stay from it. 

Be Productive

No one likes feeling like they’re wasting away at home, so you must make the conscious decision to be productive during the lockdown.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have the luxury to work from home, set up a work station for yourself, along with a routine. It helps if you get ready for the day the same way you would if you were actually going to work. This means getting up on time, showering, and getting dressed. 

Those who aren’t working from home and don’t have anything to do can find other ways to keep busy. Take up a hobby or learn something that’s going to benefit you when you go back out there. 

Focus on the Positives

There’s so much that is wrong in the world right now, which has made it easy to dwell on the negatives; however, even in these dark times, there are reasons to smile. 

There are people out there that are who are doing what they can to help others. From the New York City landlord that waived rent for 200 tenants to hospital staff celebrations when a patient recovers, even in these tough times, there is plenty of good going on around the globe.

By focusing on the good, you’ll develop the patience to get through the coming months while keeping your mental health in check. 



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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI