Do you know that around 70 percent of US citizens face a traumatic incident at least once in their lifetime? However, instead of dealing with these traumatic events and trying trauma therapy, people tend to suppress their emotions and reactions. Therefore, it’s no surprise that almost 12 million American citizens develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) every year.

Here are the symptoms of underlying trauma you should never ignore.

Sudden Weight Fluctuations

Has your weight suddenly increased or decreased without any changes in your exercise or diet? Do you notice a huge change in your eating patterns, where you constantly eat or don’t eat at all? Trauma management experts term significant weight and eating behavior changes as symptoms of underlying emotional trauma.

Difficulty Managing Your Anger

Facing difficulties while managing your anger is one of the most common symptoms of underlying trauma. People who get provoked easily and scream at people around them suffer from underlying emotional distress. Not only is it harming your physical and mental health, but anger issues are also a threat to the people around you.

Experts have suggested that people who aren’t able to control their anger find it challenging to manage their feelings and emotions. People who constantly get angry when provoked don’t recognize the symptoms as they’re fine when they’re alone and only have trouble managing their anger around other people.

Tired and Bad Memory

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed all the time? Chances are you’ve underlying trauma because when the body can’t handle the emotions anymore, it may shut down. Underlying trauma can weigh heavy on the brain, tiring out a person’s body and mind. Moreover, underlying trauma can also make people develop obsessive habits like washing their hands constantly.

Leaving Social Activity

Were you an extrovert before you experienced a traumatic event? Underlying emotional trauma can make you despise social interactions. People with underlying trauma tend to isolate themselves or minimize their social activity as much as possible.

A person in a trauma therapy session

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend getting trauma therapy Naples and anger management sessions as soon as possible. At Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples, we offer trauma therapy Naples, FL, helping people with emotional trauma heal. We use hypnotherapy to deal with the symptoms and causes.

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Written by

Peter Williams CHt. CHI